Study Eligibility Quick Guide

Study wdt_ID PI COVID Care Setting Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria Conv Plasma Tx Allowed RDV Allowed Other Studies Allowed NBH Contact*
Convalescent Plasma 1 Bill Hartman + Inpatient Life threatening S/Sx or high risk for progression None, but ineligble for ASpike trials N/A Yes Yes Page 0795
RUXCOVID 4 David Andes + Inpatient RR ≥30; O2 ≤94% on RA, P/F Intubated, previously in ICU for COVID Yes Yes No Rebecca Kintner
ASpike 2066 Hospital 5 Bill Hartman + Inpatient Hospitalized ≤72 hrs on O2 supp O2 >94% on RA; ECMO; renal replacement therapy d/t COVID-19; prior convalescent tx w/ conv. plasma No Yes No Maggie Chilsen
ASpike 2067 Ambulatory 6 Bill Hartman + Outpatient Any COVID S/Sx; O2 ≥93% on RA Current/prior COVID hospitalization No Yes No Matt Gilles
ASpike 2069 Household 7 Bill Hartman - N/A (Healthy Volunteer) Asymptomatic; exposed to COVID+ housemate for ≥48 hrs S/Sx of COVID or prev + test; any hospitlization w/i 30 days No Yes No Rebecca Kintner

*NBH=Normal Business Hours | Monday – Friday 8 AM – 4:30 PM.  Outside of NBH, Page 0795 or email the on-call clinical research coordinator.